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Decolonize and Celebrate Truthsgiving 

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Reject colonial holidays that perpetuate dangerous stereotypes and whitewashed history.


Join us at events and support our mutual aid efforts to celebrate the truth--real history and real solutions for issues we face today. 

Listen to Sikowis Nobiss, founder of the "Truthsgiving" term, talk about

why she started it on Talk of Iowa, With Charity Nebbe

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About Truthsgiving

Decolonize and celebrate Truthsgiving

There are many colonial mythologies about Indigenous Peoples and the founding of the US and Canada. Thanksgiving is one of them, however, in the words of Wamsutta Frank James, Wampanoag, “the Pilgrims had hardly explored the shores of Cape Cod four days before they had robbed the graves of my ancestors, and stolen their corn, wheat, and beans.” The truth is that real history has been whitewashed and that Thanksgiving perpetuates white supremacy and romanticized notions about Indigenous Peoples. To celebrate the current Thanksgiving mythology is to celebrate the theft of land through ethnic cleansing and enslavement. It is a lie that overlooks the genocide of Native American Indigenous Peoples and the enslavement of African Indigenous Peoples in order for settler-vigilantes and colonial militias to steal land and labor--the legacy of which is still felt today.


Watch our 2021 Truthsgiving Event in Des Moines

The Truth Will Not Be Whitewashed Fashion Show

Truthsgiving Webinar 2020

On November 26, Great Plains Action Society organized a webinar to educate folks about the mythology of Thanksgiving and celebrate the spirit of Truthsgivng by reporting on the many ways that one can resist colonial-capitalism and whitewashed history through the revolutionary act of mutual aid and truth-telling.

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Get Involved

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Mutual Aid

PPE and Resource Distribution

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Online and In-person

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Frontline Support and Pledges

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